LP: ER22x – Harvard’s Online Justice Course

I have always loved Philosophy, from Logic, Metaphysics, to the complex case of Moral Philosophy.

On March 12th Harvard offered one of the most popular classes it had in EdX, and I immediately registered for the course.

What is ER22x?

ER22x is the course code of one of Harvard’s top course, aptly named ‘Justice’

Justice is an introduction to moral and political philosophy, including discussion of contemporary dilemmas and controversies.

As stated, it’s a Moral Philosophy course tackling heavily debated topics such as same-sex marriage and income distribution.

Also, the course’s instructor is no other than Michael J. Sandel, an established political philosopher and author of numerous Philosophical books.

Ready to Learn?

You can register at edX and take up ER22x, if it is still available at the time of this writing. This course is Free.