LP: CS-Harvard – The Rest of The Story

A lot of people has emailed me already showing interest in my Harvard Challenge, and even sharing their own learning stories with me. It’s incredibly heartwarming to see such a number of people willing to take their education on their own hands.

However, if you have been checking with my blog, you will notice that I have not updated it for a few weeks now, and a few of people have also been contacting me on whether or not I am still continuing my Harvard Challenge.

And the answer is, YES, as of right now, I am indeed continuing my challenge. However, the large amount of material I have to tackle has severely limited my time to blog, and that is why I have not been able to update for a couple of weeks. I have already completed Calculus I (the exam of which was pretty brutal, especially if you consider the two-week time span), and am still battling my way through the creation of a network pong game for a computer science problem set.

With all this, I may not be able to update at the rate I have been able to in the past. However, I am still indeed continuing the challenge.


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